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The oysters you will get one with each purchase or two with the earings, you can also buy them on their own,

I will be doing live oyster openings on a Monday at 8 pm and a Friday at 8 pm,

I will go through the order list one by one and we can see what comes out of your oyster or oysters, it will be as much of a  surprise for me as it will for you.

I will then show you and measure the size of pearl or pearls

Then you can tell me what pearl you would like on your purchased item of jewellery or if you would like a fitting of some kind,

You may have more than one pearl some have twins, some have triplets, and some have quads, you can choose to buy a piece of jewellery during the live event if you would like to and I will send you an invoice after,

Delivery will take between 6 to 14 days due to the making of the item you purchase

If you are purchasing something for a surprise for someone and have a message, I am more than happy to read them that message during the live event when it is your turn.